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In just a moment, I am going to ask for your personal endorsement. But first I hope you’ll give me a chance to explain why this is so important right now.

Right now, we aren’t going door-to-door like we used to. We can’t hold the rallies or go to the state fairs and meet people one-on-one. That’s the kind of campaigning I love. But look, we still have to work right now to build a coalition to defeat Donald Trump. Without door-to-door campaigning, we have to find out who is with us online. We need to build a digital list of millions of voters who’ll be with us in November.

Endorsing our campaign online is one of the most important things you can do right now to defeat Trump. It helps us know where our voters are and where we should be spending resources. Will you add your personal endorsement right now?
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14 August 2020, 14:03:36 EST
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17 August 2020, 23:59:00 EST

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  • you are 18-65 years old