The Trump campaign wants money

BREAKING NEWS: Biden chooses Kamala Harris for his VP.

My team just launched a brand new ad to FIGHT BACK against The Left’s biased coverage and show all the great work we've been doing.

They will do whatever it takes to keep us quiet, which is why we set up our Official Trump Ad Blitz Fund to make sure EVERY Patriot gets the chance to hear the FACTS.

With your help, I want to raise $3,000,000 in the NEXT 24 HOURS to send a strong message and FLOOD THE AIRWAVES with this ad.

The next 1,000 donations will be instantly TRIPLE-MATCHED. DONATE NOW!
Ad delivery start
12 August 2020, 07:20:02 EST

They think:

  • you have not donated before
  • you are 18-65 years old
  • you are on a custom audience list, and perhaps have interacted with the campaign before