The Biden campaign wants money

Look, I know it’s hard to believe, but roughly 100 million eligible voters just didn’t vote in 2016. A huge swath of Americans felt so disaffected by the divisiveness overtaking our politics that they chose to sit out altogether.

I understand why folks can be cynical about our political process. But the truth is that it’ll only get better if we chose to make it so, and the strongest tool we have is our vote.

And with the margins still razor-thin in key battleground states just weeks out, we can’t afford to leave gettable votes on the table. We’re investing huge resources into voter outreach in these final days, but we can only reach as many voters as our grassroots donations allow. So, will you chip in whatever you can right now to help us turn out every single voter between now and Election Day?
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22 October 2020, 19:00:00 EST

This campaign either:

  • might know something about you, but isn't tracking it in its URLs right now, or
  • is targeting very broadly.