The Biden campaign wants to persuade you

Do you want to be lied to in this ad, simply because you use Facebook?

We could lie to you, but we won't. Donald Trump and his Republican allies, on the other hand, spend MILLIONS on Facebook ads like this one that spread dangerous misinformation about everything from how to vote to the legitimacy of our democractic process. But Facebook has decided politicians can say anything they want in their posts and ads, regardless of pesky details like whether it’s true or not.

With a president who lies as much as Trump, and Republicans across the country who won't stand up to him, this policy is a dangerous threat to our democracy – and it needs to change now. That's why we need 203 more concerned Americans to sign our petition before midnight, but we're still waiting for your signature. Please, we're counting on you to sign your name right away:
Ad delivery start
08 July 2020, 17:09:40 EST
Ad delivery stop
15 July 2020, 23:59:00 EST

They think:

  • they can make you angry
  • you are not yet an active supporter