The Trump campaign wants money

Radical Democrats actually SUED to stop my re-election campaign’s Trump MAGA Rally.

They hate me. They hate you. They hate rallies and it’s all because they hate the idea of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

I want to make a statement SO LOUD that even the Fake News media won't be able to ignore us. The Liberals have ALWAYS been trying to take me down, and more importantly, they've been trying to take YOU down

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT in the NEXT HOUR to our Trump Rally Defense Fund and your gift will automatically be 500%-MATCHED.
Ad delivery start
10 July 2020, 10:50:18 EST

They think:

  • you are 18-65 years old
  • they can make you angry
  • you are on a custom audience list, and perhaps have interacted with the campaign before