The Biden campaign wants money

In just a moment, I’m going to ask you to make a weekly recurring donation from now until Election Day. But first, I hope you’ll let me explain why.

Small-dollar donors are powering me, Kamala, and Dems nationwide. Only with your contributions are we able to make last-minute digital and TV buys when we need to. Only with the support of folks who click on ads just like this one and give $5 are we able to hire staff and talk to voters. Whether or not we defeat Donald Trump and the Republicans on November 3rd depends on whether everyone who wants us to win is willing to turn their support into action.

And that’s where weekly recurring donations come in. If you can commit to donating *any amount* weekly ($50! $15! $3!), we’ll know we can count on those donations coming in until November 3rd. That means we’ll have a good sense of how much we can afford to spend until the election and can plan out how we campaign during these last few weeks. Your weekly donation will help us win. Can we count you in?
Ad delivery start
15 October 2020, 19:00:00 EST

This campaign either:

  • might know something about you, but isn't tracking it in its URLs right now, or
  • is targeting very broadly.