The Biden campaign wants to persuade you

In 2016, we saw what happens when social media platforms, left unchecked, failed to protect against disinformation which then ran rampant, putting the integrity of our elections at risk. We’re determined to not let it happen again in 2020.

Since Donald Trump started spreading lies about Joe in October, our campaign has expressed concerns about how Facebook treats political ads -- especially with their policy that politicians can say anything in content and ads.

Facebook has so far declined to act, and time is running out. So now we’re coming to you. We want to make sure that Facebook isn’t used to spread mass disinformation come the general election, so we’re sending an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

We’re looking for 286 more signers from your area today. Click below to sign your name.
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11 June 2020, 17:17:55 EST

They think:

  • they can make you angry
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