The Biden campaign wants money

Don’t scroll away just yet — this is important. We’ve been saying recently that our internal polls are showing a much, much closer race than the media would have you think. Now we are seeing a few public polls also say that this is going to come down to the wire:

Michigan: Trump 47, Biden 46 (-1)
Arizona: Trump 48, Biden 44 (-4)
Florida: Trump 48, Biden 46 (-2)

I need your help right now. Please, rush a $25 donation or as much as you can spare to our last-minute advertising and outreach efforts so we can defeat Trump and the GOP nationwide. Your donation could be the one that tips us over the line to victory in one of these critical battlegrounds.
Ad delivery start
28 October 2020, 19:00:00 EST

This campaign either:

  • might know something about you, but isn't tracking it in its URLs right now, or
  • is targeting very broadly.