The Biden campaign wants money

Can I be honest with you? There’s a misconception in electoral politics that fundraising in the final weeks of a campaign doesn’t matter. I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

The only way we win in November is by mobilizing unprecedented voter turnout. Every dollar you donate now funds crucial get-out-the-vote efforts. With COVID-19 changing the way we campaign, my team is working tirelessly to meet voters where they are, whether that’s through text messages, social media, or Animal Crossing. And the only reason they can do their work is because grassroots donors like you support their work.

So, don’t believe the pundits who tell you that money in the final days doesn’t matter. Your donation could make the difference between whether we can contact more voters or not. Right now most people are donating $25, will you chip in that amount or whatever you can to help elect me, Kamala, and Democrats nationwide?
Ad delivery start
11 October 2020, 19:00:00 EST

This campaign either:

  • might know something about you, but isn't tracking it in its URLs right now, or
  • is targeting very broadly.